BiobasedPackaging.NL is an initiative of Green Serendipity: an agile consultancy for renewable materials, circular packaging and concepts with the focus on sustainable chain innovation from raw material to end-of-life. The services of Green Serendipity are well known for the acceleration of the transition from the linear fossil-based economy to a circular economy.

We are an international team of experts, we connect supply and demand and vice versa and we advise completely independent without any conflict of interest.

Bioplastics Hub

Renewable material and packaging expert Caroli Buitenhuis, founder of Green Serendipity, also set up the ‘Bioplastics Hub’ in Amsterdam. This hub serves as an expo and info center for retailers and brand owners interested in future proof circular packaging. Its aim: to advise on renewable materials and redesign whilst providing essential answers about the complete chains from raw material to end-of-life and to connect parties within the whole supply chain.

Pioneers in circular packaging

“Retailers, brand owners, purchasers or marketing managers: everyone is welcome at the Bioplastics Hub in Amsterdam for consultation. With our expertise we dare to say that there is no other completely independent consultancy in the world with more knowledge on renewable materials like bio-based polymers for packaging and products then in our team and network. We have the insights which are vital to helping companies convert to renewable and sustainable alternatives.

Clients come here to kickstart their research & development. We help them to redesign their current packaging into future proof circular packaging and we inspire them with innovative ideas in combination with our expert knowledge.

Skype consultancy is also possible.

Biobased and completely recyclable milk can from Farm Dairy launched by Albert Heijn.

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